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「Googleスライド」のファイルを復元する方法|Google ドライブ

time 2018/02/17







Googleが提供している無料のプレゼンテーションアプリケーション。スライド アプリを使用すると、Android 搭載のスマートフォンやタブレットでプレゼンテーションの作成や編集をしたり、他のユーザーと共同編集したりできます。






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英語でのやり取りになりますが、 Googleドライブチームにファイルの復元をリクエストできるようになっているそうです。



Thanks for contacting Google Support. My name is Michael.

Hi, Yuuki.

I see you are having a problem with your Google slide?

Are you connected?

If you move the file locally and return to Google Drive, the file is “out of sync”…

Yes, that would happen with a Google Doc,sheet, slides

They are internet files and the icons on your local Drive folder are just shortcuts

So removing them from the sync folder is just like deleting them from the web.

But if you have just done this recently, we can still recover the file

Thank you very much. How can I do it?

When was the file moved outside of the sync folder?

I’m sorry, I do not remember it clearly, probably 2/4 or 2/12


I just need to let you know of a few things before we proceed.

Please read the above statements carefully

You must be listed as the file owner,The file must have been removed from the Trash

The file must have been uploaded to or created in Google Drive.

For your privacy, I’m not able to see the names of deleted files, so I can’t guarantee that the tool will recover the specific files you’re looking for.

If the restored files were shared, the sharing settings need to be reapplied.

Also, we are not able to cherry-pick the files that will be recovered and all files that are recoverable will be put back to your Drive.

Then let me know if you want to proceed.

Thank you very much. Is everything in Google Drive going back to that day? Is it that only the slide can be restored on that day?

Yes, we will be recovering everything we can from the deleted files

Alright, I have started the recovery.

The files will start coming in slowly.

Please check if you have the files you need.

Thank you very much. It’s okay if the google slide comes back.


You are welcome!

Is there anything else I can help you with?

It’s okay. I will contact you if there is something again! Thank you very much.

You are welcome!

Thank you for contacting Google Drive!
It was a pleasure chatting with you. Since Google loves to hear your feedback, you can click into a quick survey at the end of this chat about your overall support experience today. Again, my name is Michael and thanks for contacting Google Drive Support. Have a great day!





Have a great day!





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